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Yueer Solar Street Light, The Most Beautiful Solar

Release time:11/09/10 Source: Browse:26 The author: Admin
   Nowadays, the crude oil in the globe can be exploited for about 40 years, natural gas for about 50 years, raw coal about 200 years. In China, the duration would respectively be 115 years, 49 years and 20 years. To our shock, the energy sources accumulated for over 5 billion years would be used out in a couple of hundreds of years. Energy crisis is invading economic life in every respect.

   To solve the energy crisis, we must find new renewable energy resources, while after common contrast analysis of biomass energy, hydro power, wind power and solar energy, and so on, we can obviously find that solar energy has a lot of incomparable advantages.
   First, according to the comparison between consumption and generating capacity in the operational cycle of newly-built power stations, photovoltaic power capacity can raise by 10-15 times, and even 15-20 times in areas with great sunlight.
   Second, as solar energy photovoltaic generating is applicated on a large scale, as upstream industry of crystalline silicon and photovoltaic generating technology have been developing day after day, as roofs and exterior walls are exploited multiply,  the construction cost of photovoltaic power may raise to 7000-10000 yuan per kilowatt, which has similar economic superiority with other renewable energy resources.
   Also, we have a good amount of exploitable reserves of energy resources: 100 million KW of biomass energy (at ratio of 0.46%), 378 million KW of hydro power (1.16%), 253 million KW of wind energy (1.74%), and 2100 billion KW of solar energy (96.64%), 1% of which can be 21 billion KW. The carbon emission of the power generation modes are as belows: coal electricity 275g, oil electricity 204g, natural gas electricity 181g, wind power electricity 20g, and photovoltaic power near zero. What’s more, there is no dump, trash, effluent, vapour, noise discharged, producing no harm to human body or the environment. Therefore, photovoltaic power can be the most economic, cleanest, most environment friendly renewable resource.
   In delegation of solar energy, the new energy revolution has begun. Hunan Yueer Solar energy Technology Co.,Ltd. will shake hands together with you to boost the spread and development of solar power as well as other new energy applied technology and to implement responsible green lifestyle, sharing the wisdom and wealth brought about by the new energy revolution.