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National Information Industry Park Project

Hunan Yueer Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Have Taken the Solar Street Lighting Porject of Hunan Geosun High-Technology Co.,Ltd., National Information Industry Park

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   Engineering construction by Hunan Yueer Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.(2009.4)

   3rd Session of Tenth Changsha People's Political Consultative Conference Confirmed 6 Intensive Proposals of 2008
Changsha Evening Post, last afternoon(Reported by Wang Jie)--3rd Session of Tenth Changsha People's Political Consultative Conference was convoked to have deliberated on and confirmed 6 Intensive Proposals of 2008. Chairman Dong Xuesheng, Vice-chairman Huang Zhongrui, Zhou Qiuguang, Li Kejian, Wang Lili, Gong Zhenxiang, Zhong Xinlian, Duan Anna, Peng Jiqiu, Advisor Yao Wuling, Secretary General Zhu Jianren appeared at the conference. The Proposal on Assuring The Grain Production of Our City, submitted to by Municipal Committee of Changsha Peasants and Workers Democratic Party on the 1st Session proposed to boost government's enrollment plans to gradually change the vulnerable status of our grain production, was confirmed to be the key proposal supervised and handled by all the chairmen. The other intensive proposals are as belows: Issues and Advices on Generalizing DTV in Our City, To Polish House Security Systems and Solve the Problem of Low-Income Families’ Housing, Proposal on Developing the Home-Based Care for the Aged in the Urban Area in A Healthy Way, Advices on Enhancing Urban Traffic Management to Promote Changsha’s Urban Civilization Development, Proposal on Accelerating the Construction of Hunan Solar Photovaltaic Industry Park.
(Editorial source from Changsha Evening Post)
(Written by Wang Jie)
(Edited by Zeng Xiaoying)