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Our Company Having Taken on Wind-Solar Hybrid Stre

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Poly Lugu Valley, New Life on Large Massif Park
Green Building in China, First Sample in Changsha
   According to notice by Construction Section of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, “Scientific and technical project planning of ministry of housing and urban-rural construction 2009”, Poly Lugu Valley Property has gained the pilot project: Green building, Low Energy Building Demonstration Project. And it will become the first property of green building.
   Energy-saving, environmental protection is carried on in every corner in Polly Lugu Valley Property: “Rainwater collecting systems” can save residents’ water bill and release the pressure of network of drains of the city by storing rain water for irrigating gardens in sunny days. “Natural lighting basements” bring garages natural ventilation and sunshine and make the way back home bright. “Permeable ground”, which is made of Permeable concrete, permeable bricks and grass planting bricks, supplement the subsurface drainage of neighborhoods,relieve urban heat-island effect, as there will be no surface gathered water in rainy days nor great heat in summer days. There are also “wind-solar hybrid street lights” for saving energy, “aluminum hollow heat-absorbing exterior windows” for temperature and consumption reducing, “water saving irrigation” for saving 10-20% common irrigating water, “ground-source-heat-pump central air-conditioning” for saving 50-60% energy of common air-conditioners.
   As one of national demonstration green buildings, Poly Lugu Valley Property have made use of “solar water heating system”, which performs functions like family splitting heat accumulator, indirect heat transfer, forced circulation, and lower the energy depletion and heating expenses by 30-40%, etc. PolyLuguValley Property, as the first national green building project in entering-market Changsha, will no doubt sap a reform of idea of environment friendly human habitat with a lot of environmental equipment.